SafBaby Award October 2015

This month, SafBaby presents the Best Prod

uct Award to Enchanted Slumber for its “All-In-One Organic Sleeper.”  This unique 100% organic product is truly kid-friendly and provides a safe, non-toxic solution for travel, school and naptime.

Owner and designer Anna Spanton has taken the utmost care with every detail of production and has created a warm and whimsical collection that puts the three parts of a sleeper into one easy-to-use rollup:

Quilted Pad + Blanket Covering + Lavender-Scented Buckwheat Pillow

The sleeper came out of Anna’s observations of parents juggling pillows, blankets, pads and stuffed animals for naptime. She was inspired to design a cozy sleeping bundle that a child would love to snuggle into and take off for dreamland. Read more



Green Scene Mom April 2016



The Enchanted Slumber All-In-One Organic Sleeper is a dream-come-true for children and Moms. The unique design bundles a warm, whimsically-patterned quilted pad, blanket covering and lavender-scented buckwheat pillow for roll-and-go carrying. Children will delight in having a safe, cozy place of their very own that they can easily take with them to school or on trips. Handcrafted with love in the USA. Read more